Education Aims


Each young person will follow an individual program of study; chosen to best meet their needs. Factors to be taken into account include the young person’s home location, their levels of educational special needs, their age and educational history.

The curriculum is to provide recognition for completing activities using a selection of alternative but nationally recognised qualifi cations.

Qualifications and Awards

  • AQA Unit Award Scheme. This vast range of short units covers a large range of subjects and topics. Many are vocational and practical and can be completed quickly. There are units suitable for all abilities and ages and allow young people to experience success quickly. On completion of each unit young people receive an offi cial certifi cate. These awards are made up of short outcomes and achievement is evidenced in a range of ways.
  • Entry Level Certificate. This award scheme is designed for pupils who, for various reasons are not expected to achieve at GCSE standard. These qualifi cations are designed for pupils aged 14 -16 but it can be used with younger pupils. It works along side the Unit Award Scheme and allows the delivery of a core curriculum in Maths, English, Science, ICT, PSHE and Childcare.
  • ASDAN is a curriculum development organisation and awarding body, offering programmes and qualifi cations that grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life. These awards are more vocational and offer an ideal way to re engage young people with education. ASDAN awards the completion of challenges and covers a wide range of subjects.
  • The John Muir Award. This award is on four levels and encourages young people to gain a greater understanding of wild places. It is open to all and is an ideal way of engaging young people with the environment. It is especially suitable for Wilderness Experience because it provides a framework to rewards the experience of being in the outdoors.

Other Awards and Schemes of Work

When young people are on short placements we are able liaise with their previous and on-going placements and deliver schoolwork forwarded to us. This enables young people to take part in respite care with the minimum disruption to their education. We are able to support pupils working towards GCSE’s or Scottish Awards such as Access, Intermediate and Standard Grades.