Mobile Crisis Intervention

wilderness experiences

The service for young people offers crisis intervention this means that we respond to the immediate need for a young person to be placed. We use the word crisis because at the point that Wilderness Experiences is contacted, a young person may be experiencing a very difficult time in their life and may be having difficulties in stopping the “crisis cycle” from happening. They may be unaware that they are experiencing some difficulties both emotionally and behaviourally.

Wilderness Experiences purpose is to take young people away from this, to allow some time for the young person to be able to reflect on what has happened in their life, in a supportive place and feel safe away from the problems that they are experiencing.

The Wilderness Experiences plan

The Wilderness Experiences plan has an early suitability assessment period of 2 weeks, which can then be taken up to 10 weeks (or up to 17 weeks, see below*).  Wilderness Experiences work with social workers and family/ carers, providing regular updates, detailed interim, mid and final reports, which we feel that the young person should be involved in, so that they can see how positively they have moved forward and understand what decision they can make and why decision are made, about their care plan.

Aims and objectives

  • to support a strong focus on delivering outcomes
  • to create a therapeutic environment to support the healing process
  • to work together in an integrated and holistic way
  • to clearly demonstrate ‘ we’re here to help’
  • to take responsibility for action to improve children’s lives
  • to be alert to children’s needs, listen to them and record their views
  • to build a protective and supportive network around the ‘child’
  • to focus on identifying and developing resilience in children and young people
  • to be committed to promoting and supporting all aspects of a child’s growth in an atmosphere of respect and aspiration.

We fully endorse the National Minimum Standards and their core principles – dignity, privacy, choice, safety, realising potential, equality and diversity. We continue to strive towards excellence within the ethos of Every Child Matters.